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Monthly Bugs, May 2012

Monthly Bugs, May 2012


Continued from the April 2012 bugs thread



 The posting rules are as always:


  • Each post here should only contain a brief description of a bug, together with a link to the thread where it is being discussed.
  • One post/bug!
  • One bug/post!
  • No discussion of bugs. All discussions of a bug must take place in the original linked thread.
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Re: Monthly Bugs, May 2012



Typedef'd enum constant changing value at runtime in LV 11.0.

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Vision: IMAQ WindTools doesn't display properly in exe when called from buils spec

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Something went wrong...

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Not quite sure what went wrong but, wrong it went.

CAR #353347

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NI-Motion VIs cause system clock to drift on PXI systems


The Windows system clock is running way too fast when calls are made (e.g. querying axis status) to an NI-Motion board. This has been currently observed on NI PXI controllers only. It can be critical as it of course also influences timestamps within LabVIEW.


A full description can be found in this forum thread.



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Timestamp string formats misbehave

A series of bad behaviors for the "timestamp" string format :


First thread


Second thread



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Get Hierarchy Image - Bug

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I got one today about getting the Hierarchy image. Here is the Original Post


The best solution is the one you find it by yourself
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LabVIEW 2011SP1f1 fails with 32 processor cores

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Failed to load or create probe with strict type def cluster in network streams

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Probing network stream endpoint when data type is a type def cluster leads to error prompts




CAR: 357568

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Thread closed!

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May is basically over. Let's continue in the June bug thread.


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