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PCI-CAN suggestion required...



            I narrowed my search of using PCI-CAN card to PCI-7841 from Adlink technologies.. Its got dual CAN network... what exactly does this mean???.. and will this PCI-CAN card support Labview?? Is there any PCI-CAN vendors with low cost supporting Labview..




Thanks & Regards,

 Harish Chincholi

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Re: PCI-CAN suggestion required...

Hello Harish,


Dual CAN networks means that you can connect the card to 2 seperate CAN networks.  Similarly to having two different serial ports on your computer.


The Adlink card seems to come with a DLL.  You could call that DLL from LabVIEW using a Call Library Function Node.


You could also look at the NI-PCI-CAN cards, which come with native LabVIEW drivers.  


However, it seems from your application (from other posts) that you could use a USB-CAN device to perform your 4 computer network.  This may be something to consider since cost seems to be an issue.


Have a great day! 

O. Proulx
National Instruments
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‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM
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Re: PCI-CAN suggestion required...

Hello Mr. Harish


Hope your problem is solved. Do let us know if you have further issues.



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Re: PCI-CAN suggestion required...

hi everyone,now i am busy using pci-7841 to communicate with motion,but i can't find the labview driver of the pci-7841.so i have to use the call library node to visit 7841.dll,it wasters so much time to do so,can you give some sub_vi about pci-7841? thanks!

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Re: PCI-CAN suggestion required...



I am using adlink PCI 7841CAN card is there any example programs available,since i am new to labview will be helpfull for me.

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Re: PCI-CAN suggestion required...

you should check with your Adlink rep if there are any LabVIEW ecamples available.


CAN hardware (NI-XNET) from National Instrumtents is always shipped with powerful and ready to use LabVIEW examples which save a lot of time and money to get started with your CAN application...