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How to parse the .dbc file



How to parse the DBC CAN file and extract Tx and Rx messages  with Signal Names with respect to the particular Node and output it

to a file and ignoring all the other lines. We are not using NI-CAN. Please suggest me the solution.


Thanks in advance ,





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Re: How to parse the .dbc file

Hello Saikumar,


The DBC file format is a proprietary file format, so I'm not sure how to extract this information.   You can open a DBC file with a text editor and find your node's name and possibly find how to extract the messages that are associated with it.


You could also use the NI-XNET API to parse the file for you.  NI-XNET is a free driver for NI-XNET hardware, but it can also be used to parse DBC and Fibex files.  You can use the C, CVI or LabVIEW API.  Here is an example of what you want to do in LabVIEW:






Let me know if that helps.

O. Proulx
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Re: How to parse the .dbc file

Saikumar:  You can download the Vector CANoe demo and then use the dbc++ editor to extract Tx or Rx information you want.  Here is a link to the site.  You will need to add some information but the download is free.,,223.html?markierung=CANoe%257Cdemo

I have pasted an image to show you what to select:

I hope this helps.


vector canoe download page.png