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CLD Traffic Light Sample Exam

I am posting my solution for the CLD Traffic Light Sample Exam.  Comments and input is appreciated.  The main VI is Traffic Lite.vi.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: CLD Traffic Light Sample Exam

Post in the LabVIEW board so that more people will look into it.
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Re: CLD Traffic Light Sample Exam

I guess this is for whoever comes after, but since couldn't find an update to this post anywhere else.  First, the interface seems to be slow to respond.  This is because the event structure is located in the state handling loop.  You might want to consider placing the event handler in a separate loop that is used strictly to handle such interactions.  Second, you are using waaaaaaaaaay too much CPU - throttle that loop (10 ms should be fine).  Finally, consider using the elapsed time express sub VI instead of your own VI - this will save time and energy.


Hope this helps future CLDers.


Cheers, Matt

Matt Richardson
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Re: CLD Traffic Light Sample Exam

All great suggestions.  Thanks.