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Ultiboard - a few small suggestions

Status: New
by Member m22oswald on ‎10-08-2015 03:52 PM

I just finished laying out 3 boards and so I have some suggestions to make things easier in the future...


1) Add a 'net' column to the SMT Pads and THT Pads tabs, to show which net the pin is attached to.  This is documented here:

It would let me see at a glance whether certain pins are actually connected to the nets they should be connected to


2) Add the ability to click on an error circle on the board and have Ultiboard highlight the error in the spreadsheet.  It works the other way around (click on the error in the spreadsheet view and you jump to the error on the board.  But it would be nice to go in the other direction.  I had problems with vias hitting incorrect traces and the spreadsheet details exactly which traces are connected, but I wanted to work on a specific problem on the board and didn't know which spreadsheet error this corresponded to.  This happened a lot.


3) Change the highlight color in the spreadsheet.  For some reason on my computer, I can barely see when a row is highlighted in the spreadsheet.  This is the same for Multisim and Ultiboard.  The background in my spreadsheet tab is white, and the highlight color is a very light gray.  If I look at the monitor at an angle so that the light hits it just right, I could see which component was highlighted.  But my neck started to hurt after awhile.


4) Have a button to turn on/off all layers at the same time.  I had an 8 layer board, and I alternated between just looking at the layer I was routing on to looking at all layers to figure out where to drop a via.  Double-clicking on each layer got very tedious.



Filename are different in Embedded Data Logger and Waveform Logging (VeriStand 2014) :



Embedded Data Logger : <Hour>_<Minute>_<Second>__<Day>_<Month>_<TwoDigitYear>.tdms



Waveform Logging : <FourDigitYear>-<Month>-<Day>_<Hour>-<Minute>-<Second>,<SecondFraction>.tdms


Why timestamps are differents?


The format of Waveform Logging should be prefered, with year on four digit, month and day first (sorting file is immediate), hour in 24 format.

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Enhance Multisim embedded graphics features

Status: New
by Active Participant dbur on ‎09-04-2015 01:47 PM

MS current only allows embedding of bmp graphic files.  Quit often it has memory errors with even moderate bmp file sizes, and other often fatal bugs after you've installed a couple bmp graphics.


It would be great if it could support more modern graphics file types that can preserve detail without requiring such large file sizes.


How about just supporting PNG's at least?

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Multisim multithreading

Status: New
by Member rpdavis on ‎09-04-2015 10:00 AM

I have a circuit that simulates very slowly and when I look at the Windows 7 performance of my I7 computer it is using only 2 to 4% of the processor power. In reality it is only using one thread at 50 to 60%. I understand Multisim was written back before multicores were available but I request that this be one of your priority improvements.


To show how slow it is running after letting it run over night it has run less than 1 second of simulated time.


I have searched the web and found many people frustrated with the Multisim's slow simulation speed and the fact that the processers are 90% idle.


Give a slider control for those that want to slow down the simulation for whatever reason.


One of my biggest irritants is waiting to see if my circuit change fixed an issue and knowing the software is not even stressing the computer. Years ago I was using Pspice with a single core processor and when you click simulate it used about 95 to 98% of the processors time until it finished the simulation.  Now I have unused power and still have to wait.


I hope someone at NI will read this and make multithreading a priority requirement for Multisim.

Please add your comments, the more people that comment the more I believe NI will listen.


Copy-paste devices in NI MAX

Status: New
by Member kosist90 ‎08-21-2015 02:48 AM - edited ‎08-21-2015 02:48 AM

Dear NI community,


let me describe you one of my ideas.


It would be good to have a feature of "copy-paste" simulated devices in NI MAX. One creates a device, setups it, selects it, copy Ctrl+C and paste Ctrl+V - and device will appear below in the list of hardware.


For example, I was now adding four 1-slot cDAQ chassis, with measurement module. Chassis are the same, modules also - we have such setup (don't tell, if something, that we could use 4-slot chassis, b/c it was requirement to have 4 separate chassis). So, I had to do the same operations (create chassis, add device, rename) four times, and it took like 2 minutes approx. But in case of copy-paste feature, it would take 30 seconds, no more.


Sincerely, kosist90.

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Right now, Update Service will not update the current installation of LabWindows/CVI but install the new version in parallel.


An option to choose if I would like to upgrade or keep the old software would be much more convenient.

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raspberry pi labview

Status: New
by Member henrypereira on ‎07-29-2015 10:44 AM




i would like to propose the idea to apply labview in raspberry pi

you have a robot lego called mind storm can you use labview in raspberry?

raspberry is a bery fast growing community it would be very interresting to apply labview in it


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Veristand : Provide a Reference Manual for add-on development

Status: New
by Member yledieu ‎07-09-2015 03:03 AM - edited ‎07-09-2015 03:04 AM

When we have to develop add-ons for Veristand, we need to search into examples and existing add-ons to find how to implement some basic or advanced functionalities.

For example : using the node browser control in a labview dialog box, or finding the list of the optional inputs for custom workspace.


This is really time consuming !


Veristand is missing documentation for add-ons developpers. It would be good to have a Reference Manual like in TestStand.

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Hi there,


Just in order to know if an operator deployment license (no editor nor stimulus profile editor) is schedule for the next releases of VeriStand ?


This would be helpful for users who don't need these functionnalities on the the deployment computer.


Thanks in advance,



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Group Remote Systems in MAX

Status: New
by Member dr2 on ‎05-11-2015 05:54 AM

It would be really nice to have the ability to create groupings for the Remote Systems in MAX.  Below is the list of my current targets.  While I'm sure there are many people that have a longer lists of targets, I find this list a little bit unmanagable already.  Additionally, we are either planning or working on projects that will about double this list.


Please add the ability to group the remote systems so that they can be managed in their own tree (or somthing similar)





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right now, if I invoke nivlm.exe /exportClientPermissions C:\foo\bar.txt, I don't get any information about disconnected licenses.

It would be great if it had a column for disconnected license expiration date associated with each item (that would be empty/null if no disconnected license was assigned). 

Would also be helpful if there was also information about home use licenses grated against a user.



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0dBm reference on spectrum analyzer

Status: New
by Member halkin on ‎04-23-2015 11:21 AM

It would be nice for RF simulations if the 0dBm reference on the spectrum analyzer was referenced to 0dBm in 50 ohms (0.224V) versus 600 ohms (0.775V). Maybe a solution would be to make it user defined.

Thanks for consideration.


Multisim viewer

Status: New
by Member Circuit_Rider on ‎04-08-2015 10:24 PM

I was told I should post this idea here for a greater chance of it being acted upon.  The original discussion is




I'm interested to know if there are many others who would be interested in a Multisim viewer.  I'm hoping engineering see's this and it pricks their design creativity.  In my business, it would be very handy to have a low-cost viewer that our techs could use as they trouble-shoot the board.  It's not cost effective for us to buy complete licenses for techs that will only view, but not change the schematic.  Right now we print out the schematics, but not every value is available (it would be too crowded on the schematic) and the comments are hidden.  Plus you can't zoom in on printed paper.  The competition (read Mentor Graphics) have free viewers available.


Some other suggestions:

- The ability to have the values of a part pop up when the mouse is hovered over it. (Should be able to be switched off).

- The ability to group parts so that they can be oriented as a group. (Similar to how it is available in the component wizard).


These would be great enhancements.  Anyone else think so?



the company I work for designs automotive infotainment products, and we used products from NI extensively in product validation an testing, including TestStand, Labview, DIAdem, FPGA, RT. etc...


In order to simplify license management, we chose to used the NI Volume License Manager (VLM).  This provides centralized managment of licenses, including easy addition and removal of licenses, as well as license recovery from PCs no longer in service (broken or decomissioned by IT).


Since I am the technical lead for test system development, it falls to me to perform license capacity planning, request disconnected licenses, manage license groups, and all the other administrative things that go with license management.  I am not, however, in the IT department, and since the VLM runs on a Virtual Machine inside the VM park, I always have to request license changes from our IT specialists. 


I would very much appreciate it if there were a tool to remotely administer the VLM.  This would allow the IT department to give me access to just the VLM to perform administrative duties there, sort of like the MMC in Microsoft Windows Server lets users administer remote servers.  



attached is a MAX view from a typical process control application: There are dozens of cDAQ-modules there and hundreds of Global Channels.


The question is for instance: which cDAQ-modules have any free inputs? There is currently no easy answer to this without physically accessing the cabinet Smiley Sad


Would it not be very easy to provide a tab in the right-hand part of my MAX-view where I can sort my Global channels based on the physical channel that they refer to ?


Thanks HU

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I had a feedback from customer that when using Channel Group Log step on Stimulus Profile, the "Channels" list is too small.

When dealing with a lot of channels, the list should be able to expand itself in order to accomodate for larger volume of channels.


Stimulus Profile Channel Group Channels.png


Also, it may be tough to keep track of channel to channel group binding, so it'll be nice if there's a window that allows to see a list of channels for each channel group as the following:


Stimulus Profile Channel Group UI.png

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MyRIO wrong time zone for Caracas-Venezuela

Status: New
by Member jesushidalgo on ‎01-12-2015 08:37 PM

Dear NI R&D folks.


It is wrong the time zone for Caracas at the Time Settings configuration (MAX 14.0) . Since december 30, 2007 has been changed to -4.5 UTC. I will appreciate if you correct this bug in future LabVIEW versions.

Best regards.


Jesús Hidalgo.



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VLM - Verbesserungsvorschläge

Status: New
by Member znarf on ‎12-18-2014 06:48 AM


  1. Es ist nicht leicht herauszufinden, welche Rechner gerade eine netzexterne Lizenz haben. Die einzige Möglichkeit ist, unter Computer in der Spalte „Ablauf der netzexternen Lizenz“ ein Datum einzugeben. Leider findet man da erst mal überhaupt nichts. Dann muss man rechts unten „Filter bearbeiten“ anklicken und hier ein zweites Datum eingeben. Das nenne ich „selbsterklärend“ L Probieren Sie bitte auch mal das Eingeben eines anderen Datums: warum muss ich da 2x klicken, bis der Kalender erscheint?
  2. Möchte man also einen PC neu anlegen, um eine netzexterne Lizenz zu verlängern, muss ich den Namen und die Nummer neu eingeben. Also mache ich einen Screenshot, bevor ich den bisherigen lösche oder schreibe mir die Nummer ab. Beides hat die Problematik, dass Name und Nummer wegen der Kursivschrift sehr schlecht lesbar sind. Mein erster Versuch, eine neue netzexterne Lizenz zu erzeugen scheiterte also schon mal an einem Lesefehler (versuchen Sie mal eine 8 von einem B zu unterscheiden)!! Und das bei einem PC, der sich gerade nicht auf dem Firmengelände befindet. Das ist sehr lästig und aufwendig und für NI doch super leicht zu ändern.
  3. Da wäre es gleich besser, wenn man eine Möglichkeit hätte, die netzexterne Lizenz zu verlängern, ohne den PC löschen zu müssen …
  4. Die Filterphilosophie habe ich noch nie verstanden: Der VLM merkt sich z.B. beim Suchen eines PC immer die letzte Suche. Wenn man die Software neu startet und bei „Computer“ in die Spalte „Computername“ z.B. 34 eingibt (weil ich weiß, dass mein gesuchter PC diese Nummer im Namen hat), dann finde ich ihn nicht. Erst ein Blick auf die Statuszeile ganz unten offenbart, dass vom letzten Benutzen der Software noch der damalige Filter zusätzlich drin steht und mit UND verknüpft ist. Warum lenkt mich dann das Suchfeld oben nicht gleich auf die Maske, wo ich ALLE Filter sehe und ändern kann. Aber ehrlich gesagt, ist das auch keine Lösung, denn es ist völlig unnötig, sich den Filter von damals zu merken. Ich habe heute noch nie eine Suchanfrage von gestern benötig.
  5. Wenn Sie PCs in Gruppen haben, dann sehen Sie beim Aufklappen der Gruppe mit dem „+“-Zeichen nur die Computernamen. Dabei ist die Zeile soooo lang, dass die Anzeige weiteres Metadaten nicht nur möglich, sondern auch sehr sinnvoll wäre. Das gilt auch für das Aufklappen beim Bereich Lizenzen.
  6. Zudem habe ich mir das Aufklappen von Infos mit dem „+“ schon abgewöhnt, weil es wenig Info bietet und wenn ich dann etwas daran ändern möchte mit der Aufklappliste nichts bearbeiten kann. Also klicke ich gleich doppelt auf die Gruppe oder die Lizenzüberschrift


This is a bit of a feature request for the service request manager and/or as a stand-alone (my NI web) tool!  


It is needed because the NI webpage makes it terribly hard to search for CAR#'s and a CAR# is only listed when solved, and only listed for the one version where it was resolved, making it nigh-on impossible to check lists of (new) CAR#s and get notified when they are resolved.

For example, I know this CAR exists, but I'm not sure if it has been resolved and the NI search just didn't find it, or if does not exist (user input error for example) or anything..

no car in search.png


  1. The tool should reside on "my NI" but it should be possible to export/share the list of monitored CAR's (so colleageus/companies can maintain one master list of company relevant CAR's).
  2. The tool should connect/check against NI (ideally directly to a back-end database) and return any "public" information related to a CAR, such as "in progress", "known work-around", "details" etc. along with driver/software version where it was resolved (if any).
  3. The tool should present a clear list (ideally with green checkmarks / red cross icons) showing the status of each CAR and maybe a synopsis/one-liner from the description to indicate what problem the number is for.
  4. wish-list added feature:  allow (on a per user basis) the user to add personal notes to a CAR (e.g. this affects projects x, y and z, once resolved, refactor those projects to remove performance intensive work-arounds!) or similar.
  5. e-mail notification (optional/configurable) when the status changes on any of the tracked CAR's.



As far as how it relates to the service request manager, I would prefer a separate tool but that it also can link to the service request manager as outlined below:


A small but significant number of tickets either relate to, or create one or more CAR#'s (or at least mine seem to create a large amount of CAR's).

When a support tech adds / associates a ticket# with a CAR#, ideally this CAR# would be automatically added to the user's CAR Tracking list..


In addition it would be great if the back-end database tracked CAR#'s and offered up a list of these numbers in the webpage overview, for example next to the "status" column. Taking it a step further, it would be very nice if NI could make it simpler to check if a CAR has been resolved and if so, what version of LabVIEW it was resolved in/with. This information could be displayed in the same web page table, or a new page to itself. The "Status" column could then also be expanded with a green check-mark if (all) associated CAR#'s have been resolved..


Tracking CAR's and manually trying to search and check them off lists locally is labor intensive, especially since the web-page "search" does not do even a passable job when you enter CAR numbers.

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I got a cDAQ 9184 connected to a PC running Vision Builder. The IO-Channels on the 9184 are connected via global virtual DAQmx channels. These channels are available on Vision Builder.


When power is cycled on the 9184, Vision Builder does not reconnect to it. You have to close and restart Vision Builder to get it running again.


My Wish is that Vision Builder is able to reconnect automatically.


Best regards,