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The NI Idea Exchange is a product feedback forum where NI R&D and users work together to submit ideas, collaborate on their development, and vote for the ones they like best. View all of the NI Idea Exchanges to post an idea or add your opinion on an existing one today!
New Idea



Here is a small idea that will be really value added in Alarm Handling


In cases of using sensors like inclinometer, thermocouples, LVDT and etc, there are chances where noise peaks in signal might go Out Of Limits. These kind of peaks are usual in the sensors where it stays not more than 5 msec. So in these case, We can use Persistance to avoid inducing false alarms. We can ignore the noise peaks whose period is not more than the defined time (mscec).If the peak remains more than the specified time, then the alarm should be induced.



The Persistance might be given in msec.The user should also be able to enable/disable this option.






Status: Already Implemented
This description is indeed delay duration. Please comment if that is not what you are looking for.



Today I have a need that is a bit difficult to perform: I developped a soft that convert a xml file into a VI, but I'd like this soft to create a VeriStand model from this VI.

So it would be very interesting to be able to dynamically create a Veristand model in Labview, wheter thanks to an API or an invoke node, ...

I appears that for the moment the only way to do it would be to open the LVSV Dialog.vi by script.




Status: Already Implemented
Functionality available with LVSV Batch Build VI.