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Workspace Design Usability

Editing the NI VeriStand Workspace is a very time-consuming job. Especially after arranging a huge number of controls and indicators it is a pain to drag and drop each object in order to move the whole arrangement to another place.


Improvement:  If the user could mark multiple objects at one time he could move them all together. The selection could be done by holding the Shift or Ctrl key or just by framing them with a selection box.

Member ClaudioH



I believe that the workflow should be inverted; instead select the object type and then the VS parameter, the user should select the parameter; drag it to workspace and then select the object.


The new workspace could have a model tree on left-side during the window edit mode only otherwise it would be hidden.



Member MaximeD



I would like to be able to use the right-click to replace a control by another, instead of selecting another control and chosing the same channel again.





Member NAKeel
Status changed to: In Development
We are developing a new UI Manager that will allow you to select multiple objects at the same time and it will allow you to change the control style while it is on the UI.