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VeriStand : Logging : Make Filename Timestamp Coherent

Filename are different in Embedded Data Logger and Waveform Logging (VeriStand 2014) :



Embedded Data Logger : <Hour>_<Minute>_<Second>__<Day>_<Month>_<TwoDigitYear>.tdms



Waveform Logging : <FourDigitYear>-<Month>-<Day>_<Hour>-<Minute>-<Second>,<SecondFraction>.tdms


Why timestamps are differents?


The format of Waveform Logging should be prefered, with year on four digit, month and day first (sorting file is immediate), hour in 24 format.

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Active Participant Mathieu_R.
Active Participant

I really believe the one to update is Embedded Data Logger - see VeriStand : Embedded Data Logger : Configurable timestamp format string for file name



The timestamping of Embedded Data Logger is quite exotic; it do not allow immediate file sorting.

Having the timestamp format string configurable is perhaps not the best thing to do, but timestamps should be aligned to the timestamp format of Waveform Logging.