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Creation of I/O Trace API



I believe that we should create and API for NI I/O trace so that customers with automated production lines can automate a report logging response to a failure  In the case where a production line experiences a UUT failure, these customers could programmatically rerun the specific test that failed last, open I/O trace, start recording, test communication with a device, stop recording, and log the results when a failure is experienced.  This could even be used with G or CVI code module, not just TestStand.  That way if say the VI experiences a particular error after running subVI "testme", the API could be usted to start recording, re-run "testme", stop recording, and to generate a report.  I understand that certain users only use IO trace occasionally, so an API would not be necessary for them, however, with customers who may have to trouble shoot numerous UUTs off of a production line, this could be a great help.





Member Peter_Cooper

I agree with this idea. We are in a production environment where we need to perform diagnostics on a continual basis. Our production staff is sometimes technically challenged. We would like the ability for our technicians for example with our custom TestStand Operator Interface (Test Executive) to simply click a button for tracing and have the NI Trace IO "silently" log the data to a file for analysis after we complete our batch runs. The operators would not have to know how to run NI IO Trace, what data to log, when to log it, or start or stop tracing at any time. The ability to execute NI IO Trace automatically would work seemlessly with TestStand, CVI or LabView environments when it is being executed.

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Like this?


trace palette.png

Member Shawn_S.

Yes Dennis, exactly like that!  But, while I may be wrong, I do not believe there are CVI functions to accomplish the same function as these five VIs.  Currently customers must call the NiSpyLog.dll from CVI.  Maybe instead, we could have predefined IO Trace functions available to customers from within CVI's library of functions?





Member zoran.dee

Hi all,

I would also need option of logging to file communication to device under test or instruments. As I am using LabWindows CVI maybe I could use NiSpyLog.dll but could you help me to find documentation(some examples would be great..) how to use NiSpyLog.dll ?