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Automatic (dynamic) generation of a Veristand Model from a VI



Today I have a need that is a bit difficult to perform: I developped a soft that convert a xml file into a VI, but I'd like this soft to create a VeriStand model from this VI.

So it would be very interesting to be able to dynamically create a Veristand model in Labview, wheter thanks to an API or an invoke node, ...

I appears that for the moment the only way to do it would be to open the LVSV by script.




  • VeriStand
Member GregMo

If you look in the LLB that contains the LVSV (look in <LabVIEW>/project/NI VeriStand/,) you will find a vi called "LVSV Batch". This VI performs the same build that the dialog does, but does so programmatically.

Member NAKeel
Status changed to: Already Implemented
Functionality available with LVSV Batch Build VI.

I have been trying "LVSV Batch" in LabVIEW 2012 with Veristand 2012, and it does not work. It errors out with a reference type mismatch error.


Is there a fix?