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how to get mydaq to recognize px309 pressure transducer%3F

It has only 3 wires instead of the usual 4. They are black, red and white and are the negative excitation, positive excitation and signal wires respectively. I have connected the black and red wires to an external power supply and the white wire into the myDAQ AI. Then I have gone to labview, opened up DAQ assisntant---acquire---voltage--ai1. Then i have set it ot get continous samples and drawn a graph indicator and pressed the run button. Yet the only signal i get is the noise and the graph (amplitude vs time) doesnt show any change when pressure is applied.

Accepted by topic author Gurung
‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM
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Re: how to get mydaq to recognize px309 pressure transducer%3F

Have you tried also running the black ground wire from the transducer to one of the analog grounds on your MyDAQ? The DAQ measures a potential, without a ground reference the device will not be able to measure anything.


You could also use an analog output on the MyDAQ to produce the excitation voltage rather than using an external power supply.


Hope this helps.



Nick C | Staff LabVIEW Platform Product Support Engineer | National Instruments